Don Tolman: Why Cancer should not be fought

Cancer is an unavoidable topic covered in depth at Don Tolman’s 3 Day Basecamp For Health program.

It’s fascinating to hear Don’s common-sense wisdom about what Cancer really is and how the medical world and the media have actually perpetuated and inflated the mystery around this disease.

Is Cancer really a war that needs to be fought?

Check out this short video clip and decide for yourself.


Walking away from the ‘fight’ against dis-ease and embracing the principles of life and health really is easy, when you have the knowledge, tools and confidence to choose the path of Self Care.

To revisit Cowboy Don LIVE or experience his brilliant wisdom for the first time, keep an eye out for my announcement about Don’s February/March national Australian tour early in the new year.

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Don Tolman: What it means when Doctors “practice”

Ever wondered why Doctor’s offices are called a “practice“?

This is one of the most ‘eye-opening’ topics talked about by ‘Cowboy’ Don at his live events.

And what is the REAL meaning of “diagnosis“?  And why are medical customers referred to as “patients“?

In this short video, Don shares a fascinating insight into these meanings and why there is ‘legal protection’ afforded to the medical industry, regardless of what harm their treatments may cause you or your loved ones.

Watch the 4 minute video clip below [Don Tolman interviewed by Zane Truscott].




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Don Tolman: The powerful wholefood that boosts immune function

Don Tolman’s tour of Australia & Auckland kicks off soon, so I wanted to share another small dose of brilliant ‘Cowboy’ Don wisdom with you today.

In this 2 minute video, Don reveals which wholefood specifically targets the your immune system and the lymphatic stream [crucial for healing all kinds of common ailments and diseases]…

This is a just a taste for what you’ll get from Don during his LIVE tour which kicks off next weekend!

If you’ve experienced Cowboy Don live before, you’ll know that he’s riveting, shocking and enlightening all rolled into one…AND he brings the house down with his humour and entertainment value!

If you haven’t already secured your seat, be quick to Claim Complimentary Tickets.

And please do your friends and family a favour, by sharing the news of Don coming to town.  It literally is a gift!

There’s nothing quite like a dose of Cowboy Don Tolman wisdom, that’s guaranteed to add value to your life.

Secure FREE Tickets

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Don Tolman reveals which specific food targets the health of the heart and blood

One of the most enlightening things about spending time with Don, is learning about how every plant food impacts the health and function of a specific part of the human body.

One really fascinating food is the “beetroot” because of the way it targets the health of the heart and blood.

Recently I sat down with Don to learn more. Check out this awesome 2 minute video…


At his upcoming LIVE events, Don will demonstrate the “Signatures” (signs of nature) for a variety of wholefoods and which specific parts of anatomy each one optimises and heals.

It’s fascinating stuff that you’ll never get tired listen to!

If you know anyone who lives with the niggling daily burden of pain in their body, food allergies and intolerances, a reliance on prescription meds, supplements or even a more debilitating disease like Diabetes, Heart Disease or Cancer…please encourage them to take the time to come and listen to Don.

I can honestly say – after a decade now of bringing Don down to Australia and New Zealand – that a few hours with him is one of the most eye-opening, life-changing experiences that anyone could have who cares about their health.

And of course, it’s not all serious…there’s always great energy and a stack of laughs as well! 🙂

If you haven’t already registered, don’t miss the chance to secure FREE tickets for Don Tolman LIVE!

Remember to share the news of Cowboy Don coming to town with those that you care about and love. It could be the greatest gift you’ve ever given them.

Be quick to secure your seats!

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Cowboy Don’s Last Rodeo For 2016!

I’m thrilled to announce that ‘Cowboy’ Don Tolman is coming back to AUSTRALIA (and NEW ZEALAND) for his final rodeo of 2016!

Are you ready to have your health wisdom tank filled to the brim?

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience The Wholefood Medicine Man LIVE:


Why should you be there?

Don Tolman’s message of SELF CARE is one of the most critical of our time, because it tackles head-on the massive pitfalls of today’s failing “health care” system and why it’s so important to learn to be your own Doctor (in situations other than crises and trauma).

What’s wrong with health care and how did we get into this mess in the first place?

Check out this [3 minute video] snippet, where Don touches on how it’s the product of a battle that’s been going on for centuries…

During this enthralling and entertaining two and half hour event, Don will delve deeper into the history and origins of the “poison makers” v “healers” which gives context to the broken system we have today.

Suddenly, it will make sense as to why, despite billions of dollars being raised and spent on Cancer and Disease research, there are no cures being found.

A few hours with Don Tolman is more like an enlightening journey of discovery than a seminar.

You’ll have your eyes opened, you’ll laugh and you’ll gain the breakthrough wisdom,knowledge and principles to take charge of your own health and longevity.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity for you, your friends and loved ones to arm yourself with these priceless tools and information.

I look forward to seeing you during the tour!

Even if you’ve been a fan of Don’s for years, we’d love to see you again.  The Cowboy loves seeing familiar faces and you’re always guaranteed to pick up some new pieces of wisdom from Don whenever he hits the stage. Remember, to share the news with those you care about and love and get in quick to secure your tickets!
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Getting to know Stephen Tolle


From humble beginnings…

Stephen Tolle was born in 1973 to an ordinary family. He grew up in Blacktown, a western suburb in Sydney.

Having failed at school and left in year 10 to train as a boilermaker. At a very young age of 22, he managed to save enough to buy his first investment property.

Steve was beginning to develop a passion for financing real estate investments, which ultimately resulted in him studying to become a mortgage broker. Later he quit his full time job and committed 100% to investing property. In less than a year, he made over $1 million in capital growth.

To date, his success in real estate investing includes property renovations and deals worth over $48 million

Stephen has been featured in the media including personal appearances on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Channel 7’s Today Tonight and front cover of multiple magazines. He has also been featured in several best-selling books such as Mr Millionaire, Real Estate Millionaires, Property Millionaire, Think and Grow Rich® In Property, Think and Grow Rich® Cashflow.

Stephen Tolle has also conquered the professional public speaking circuit, educating thousands of people all over Australia about property investment and renovation. He also spends a wealth of his time working with individuals one-on-one, educating and assisting them in becoming successful at property investing.

Stephen’s primary mission is to help Australians realise their financial goals by building an investment portfolio that is structured to be highly successful and profitable.

“People are conditioned in so many ways, from their parents or whoever it may be, to go to school, get a job, get a good career,
buy a house, pay it off, don’t get into debt and all these sorts of things.

So it’s like they’ve been frightened into a certain lifestyle and conditioned that it’s very scary for them to go out anywhere else. And that is a mindset, just that alone. But actually it is a high risk when people don’t try new things.”

Stephen Tolle

We can’t wait to bring Steve to a city near you with our brand new event ‘Fast Track to Financial Freedom’. 

Grab your complimentary tickets here!

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Food Signatures with Don Tolman


This week I caught up with the Wholefood Medicine Man Don Tolman to talk about Food Signatures

What’s so special about Don and the work we do with him is the fact that Don is spreading an ancient message about health that’s been all but forgotten. Not withstanding his teachings on Food Signatures.

Relating back to “The Doctrine of Signatures”, food signatures contend that every whole food has a pattern that resembles a body organ or physiological function and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign, as to the benefit the food provides the eater.

This study reaches all the way back to Roman times where it was called the “Law of Similarities”. Today it is referred to by scientists as “Teleological Nutritional Targeting.”

The premise is very simple, and it goes that if a wholefood likes like a certain body part or organ, it will target and heal that area when consumed.

We are lucky enough to hear Don share some of this ancient wisdom with us during our two hour event with Don called Where Truth and Health Lies”.

Today I want to share a little bit of that wisdom with you and give you a taste of what you’ll enjoy when you catch Don Tolman live with Fortune Events.


Celery: Bone Strength 

Celery has an exponentially high percentage of organic sodium, just like our bones do. In fact celery “Looks like a bone, snaps like a bone and is 21% sodium like a bone”.

Including at least 3 sticks of celery a day has actually been scientifically proven to reverse the Osteoporosis.


Grapefruit: Breast function, heart and blood

Don is very passionate about Grapefruit and has helped literally thousands of people improve their heart health, as well as suppressing breast cancer.

Grapefruit pectin strengthens blood vessels and reduces the accumulation of plaque in people afflicted with atherosclerosis.

“Owing to its significant stores of the bioflavonoid naringenin, grapefruit prevents the metastasis of melanoma and arrests the spreading of breast cancer cells.”


 Mushroom: Thyroid function

So many people have an over or under active thyroid, it really is a growing epidemic.

Mushrooms target the thyroid, because they have a high idonine and Vitamin D content.

“I’ve seen hundreds of women throw away their thyroid medication after incorporating at least one cup of mushrooms into their daily diet.” 


Avocado: Female reproductive enhancer and nerve food

The notion that avocado is great for women’s reproductive health dates all the way back to the ancient Aztecs.

The Aztecs taught that the avocado represented the womb and cervix and that a swollen seed was like a woman who is pregnant. There’s no coincidence that it takes the avocado 9 months (40 weeks) to go from blossom to ripened fruit.

“Studies show that avocados actually protect women from cervical and breast cancers and complications of delivery in pregnancy.”

Get all this wisdom and more firsthand…

Don will be sharing this ancient wisdom, plus so much more, at the upcoming ‘Where Truth and Health Lies’ tour!

Reserve your ticket now! 

I can’t wait to see you there,

Zane Truscott

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‘Cowboy’ Don Tolman returns in February 2016!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re bringing “Cowboy” Don back to Australia in February for a bumper, national wide tour!

Cities, venues, dates and times will be released on Friday, the 29th of January for these events, so stay tuned to your email inbox if you’d like to be there.

As we prepare for this massive tour, yesterday we shot this short 2 minute video from Don’s home high up in the snowy mountains of Park City, USA.

At these upcoming two-and-a-half hour events, Don will not only be revealing WHY today’s ‘health care’ industry is doing more harm than good, he’ll also be sharing the wisdom and fundamental principles of Self Care for health and longevity.

For 10 years now we’ve been bringing Don to Australia and we’re constantly blown away and moved by the impact that Don’s message has on people’s lives.

Now more than ever before, people are waking up and realising that the power of good health rests with taking charge of it themselves and embracing the ancient, lost wisdom of Self Care.

Whether you’ve experienced Don LIVE before or this is your first opportunity, don’t miss the chance to be exposed to one of the most important messages of our time, from one of the true geniuses of our time.

We’d love to see you there!

Zane & Inga Truscott | Fortune Events 

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The Art of Limitless Living with Carren Smith


“Build the foundations of your inner home on stone. When the rains of life come and the winds blow hard, you will be safe, and you will be a haven for others on the journey of transformation.”  [Carren Smith] 

So often we forget that mental and emotional strength is the foundation of all success.

This strength effects our health, our relationships and our personal finances.

And ultimately that is what Fortune Events is all about, helping people build solid foundations for their health, wealth and happiness.

This is why I am excited to introduce to you the internationally renowned, inspirational life coach, Carren Smith.

Carren has faced tremendous adversity in her life, including the suicide of a partner and then just one year later, she was at the epicentre of the terrorist bombings that struck the Sari Club in Kuta, Bali, where she lost two friends.

It is simply amazing to hear about her personal transformation, as well as her wisdom for living a wildly abundant life.

And the Fortune Events team are honoured to be bringing to you A Morning with Carren Smith: “The Art of Limitless Living” in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This event is one of those must-be-at events if you’re ready to:

  • Break out of negative habits and patterns
  • Dramatically enhance your health and wellbeing
  • Transform your emotions and destructive state of mind
  • Create the life you’ve always wanted
  • Manifest financial abundance and your dreams.

We have very limited seating at this event so please make sure you register for your tickets now.

Register here. 

A morning with Carren Smith is one of those experiences that you simply won’t forget.

See you soon,

Zane Truscott
Founder | Fortune Events

P.S. Everyone who attends this event will receive a FREE copy of Carren’s inspirational autobiography, “Soul Survivor”.

Register today!

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Don Tolman [Video]: How Grapefruit Can Heal The Heart


Most of us know someone who has been effected by high blood pressure or heart disease.

These are among the most common health complaints out there. For decades, “lowering cholesterol” has been a buzz term of the medical industry, with their answer being everything from miracle drugs to triple bypass surgeries.

It’s an issue worth talking about… So I sat down with Don to get his take on this ‘epidemic’ and how wholefoods can help. Check out this intriguing 3 minute video…

This is just a snippet of Don’s amazing wisdom that he shares at his events working with Fortune Events. We hope to see you at Don’s next event!


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