Why ‘Time-Restricted Eating’ should be part of your good-health game plan

Time-Restricted Eating“The less you eat, the longer you’re gonna live”.

This is a philosophy that Don has taught for decades which was embraced by long-lived cultures for thousands of years.

And today it’s finally catching on – with many recent studies now confirming this “truth”.

In holistic health circles, it’s becoming widely known that periodic fasting for multiple days at a time, is one of most powerful things you can do for your health, longevity and to heal almost anything!


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Don Tolman: Where Truth & Health Lies

Where Truth & Health Lies is Don Tolman’s signature, 3-hour introductory event that has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people. Watch 2 minute video snippet here…

At Where Truth & Health Lies, Don takes you on an insightful, entertaining and inspiring journey where you’ll discover and learn:

  • The key historical events that have lead to today’s agenda-driven, money-making, “health-care” industry;
  • The ‘legal’ definitions used in licensed medical practices that ‘protect’ Doctors in courts of law for any mis-diagnoses or mis-treatment that may be caused;
  • What the ‘ancient healers’ taught about disease – that there’s in fact only ONE dis-ease and only TWO causes;
  • How all plant whole foods speak ‘sign-language’ and specifically target different parts of the human body for health and repair;
  • The 7 Principles of Health that were taught anciently by disease-free cultures that have become lost in today’s world – and how you can use these principles to enable your own Self Care;
  • How you can learn to be your own ‘Wholefood Farmacist’ and take back control of your health destiny.

Stay tuned for 2019 tour dates.

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Don Tolman: Is Sugar In Fruit Bad For You?

You may have heard conflicting information in the media or from health ‘experts’ about whether the ‘sugar’ contained in fruit is good or bad for you.

In this short video Don Tolman simplifies the sugar debate, by revealing why there are really only TWO kinds of sugar that exist – one which is harmful and one which is not – and how to tell the difference!

Understanding Don’s key distinction here can be helpful to anyone who suffers from Chronic Fatigue, Obesity or Diabetes.

Don is returning to tour Australia and Auckland in October, so be quick to grab your FREE tickets to: Where Truth & Health Lies with Don Tolman.

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The 3 Pillars Of Great Health

The 3 Pillars of Great Health

You can’t build a house without strong foundations and your health is no different.

For 13 years I’ve sat in a seminar room with Don Tolman as part of my work facilitating his live events – and an important wisdom that Don teaches is how the word ‘house’ comes of the latin ‘abode’ which also means ‘body’.

It’s a key concept to always keep in mind.

If you’re suffering from any type of discomfort, diseaseailment or constant sluggishness, it’s probably time to forgo band-aid solutions and go back to the start to rebuild your health foundations. (more…)

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Use it or lose it!

Use It Or Lose It

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!

It’s a basic fact of life that sometimes escapes us until that thing we take for granted is gone.

Anything in your life that you neglect eventually weakens or dies.

Think about it in terms of your Relationships, Mental and Physical Health, Career, Business and Finances.

We ALL fall down in these areas from time to time, but failure is rarely fatal if you learn to recognise the signs when the wheels begin to loosen.

Give these 6 key areas of your life the TLC that they deserve…


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Which water is best?

You probably already know that drinking enough water each day is crucial to your long term health.  But there is so much confusion about which type of water is best.

So, in this short video I decided to ask ‘Cowboy’ Don the question: Which type of water is best for us to drink and why?  Check this out…

Limited tickets remain for Don’s upcoming Aussie Tour which runs from the 17th-25th February, 2018.  If you haven’t yet registered and would like to join us, grab FREE tickets to the Where Truth & Health Lies.

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What’s the true meaning of Alchemy?

The word “Alchemy” is bandied around a lot these days, but few people understand it’s true meaning or origins.

So in the lead up to his next tour, I sat down with ‘Cowboy’ Don to discover the foundations, history and relevance to our health of this ancient term.  And it has nothing to do with today’s ‘chemistry’!

Watch this two-and-a-half minute video now.

Don Tolman is returning for an Australian national tour in February 2018, so be quick to grab your FREE tickets to the Where Truth & Health Lies with Don Tolman event.



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It’s not easy but it’s worth it


This week was my 18th wedding anniversary and it got me thinking.

How do two people – over a long period of time – stay connected, raise happy kids, run successful businesses, nurture quality friendships and at the end of it all, find time for themselves?

The truth is that it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Building an invigorating long term relationship is just like climbing to the top of a mountain in business or in sport.

It’s a journey that consists of inevitable ups and downs, but if you create strong foundations, always focus on the positivesdon’t lose sight of the bigger picture and never give up, you’ll usually get the rewards.

A a kid, I remember having it drummed into me that ‘there are no shortcuts in life’…and even today, in this world of instant gratification, Inga (my wife) and I try to teach our children the same, as hard as it is.

Nothing will ever be perfect, but if you have a desire to improve any aspect of your life – relationships, career, business, finances or health, clarity is where the power is.

Being clear about what you want and WHY you want it, is the daily fuel that brings energy and ‘life force’ to your personal life and goals.

Ask yourself, ‘am I giving it my best shot every single day?’

If the answer is ‘no’, or you feel that you are but you’re still not happy, ask this question:

What am I doing to change it?

You and only you have the ultimate power to lead your life in the direction you want it to go.  If something’s not working, try harder or change it in order to get what you deserve.

Here’s what I know for sure…

We are in a time now, where there are fewer obstacles than ever before to create the life you want.

The world is changing fast and with that comes tremendous opportunity, to connect with like-minded people, to build community, to create your own business, secure your financial future and take charge of your health.

It’s no longer a question of, ‘is it possible?’

The REAL question is, ‘how is it possible for me?

In 2018, if you need any type of support or guidance in finding your purpose, Inga and I are creating a new online community in a project we’ve called the: Essential Self Care Collective.

It’s a place where we’ll be spending a lot of time helping people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives that are in true alignment with their values.

We’ll be sharing our key self care tips (refined from our 14 years of working with Don Tolman and living his message), our life lessons (gained from our own 23 year relationship and in raising three teenage girls), as well as key business insights, tips and strategies that we’ve used to create three multi-million dollar brands in the wellness arena.

It’s also for people who’ll want to join us on a journey to design their life using the booming self care industry as a vehicle, by creating a home-based business with our support.

If you’d like to know more about this, feel free to ‘direct message‘ Inga or myself (Zane) directly on Facebook, or simply search for and ‘like’ our Essential Self Care Facebook Page.

We want to wish you a wonderful festive season with all the bells and whistles… 🌟🎄🎁 🔔 ⛄

Celebrate safely!



Zane (and Inga) Truscott.

P.S. We’re bringing ‘Cowboy’ Don back to Australia in February for a national tour and I’ll let you know more details when we release tickets on the 25th January. We’d love to see you there!

*Zane Truscott is the owner of Fortune Events – official promoter and events facilitator for “The Wholefood Medicine Man”, Don Tolman, in Australia and New Zealand.  He’s a Self Care advocate, business creator, personal growth strategist, fitness enthusiast, martial artist, yogi, husband to Inga of 18 years and Dad to three teenage divas*

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What’s your personal philosophy?

What is your philosophy?

Though it may not be pinned to your office wall, our life experience carves out a set of standards or values that over time we choose to live by.

I like to call it a “personal philosophy” –  kind of like a subconscious set of rules that you use to guide your behaviour, decisions and direction in life.

A personal philosophy can serve you positively or negatively…

Just think of a smoker who lives by the philosophy of, ‘I may as well do it coz I only live once!‘ as compared with someone who is shooting for their dreams with the same philosophy.

But here’s the good news.

These negative patterns can also be disrupted – particularly when the reasons a strong enough – and you can definitely create a personal philosophy that empowers you to grow.

Think for a moment about the personal values you place on things like…

  • Time – Are you always early or late?
  • Money – Do you hold on to it tight or allow it to flow?
  • Work – Do you do it to earn a living or to be of service to the world?
  • Health – Do you believe in balance, a strict diet or do you just eat whatever satisfies you?
  • Lifestyle – Are you designing the life you want or is the government in control?
  • Relationships – Do you have them to ‘get’ something or to ‘give’ something ?

Creating a personal philosophy that truly resonates with you can take minutes or it can take months, but either way, it’s well worth making a start.

It’s an exercise that will reveal the inbuilt patterns and beliefs in your life that aren’t serving you well that it’s time to ‘shake up’ in order to create positive change.


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