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What's Included

This unique, life-changing 3-day program includes the following:

  • 3 Full Days with Don Tolman and team including all of your questions answered;
  • Basecamp for Health Workbook (Climber’s) Manual;
  • Sample pack of ‘Ascential’ Personal Care products;
  • Scrumptious Buffet Lunch Each Day (Vegan + Vegetarian)
  • Wholefood Morning & Afternoon Tea
  • Organic fresh Fruits & Nuts at your tables to snack on each day
  • Raw Food and Personal Care product prep sessions
  • Tips and Support from an amazing support team.

For further details and special offers, call the friendly team in Australia on 1800 623 890 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri QLD time).

“You must go if you care about yourself, your family, your planet and all of humanity.”

- Fenn McDonnell

“A life-changing weekend. I now feel like I have full control of my health (that I've never had before). I absolutely loved every minute of Don's basecamp...a true turning point.”

- Julian Coutts

“Just do it! It may seem like a big investment... but when you're at the base camp listening to Don's wisdom and wealth of information, you realise it was worth every penny.”

- Michaela Tafft

"Highly recommended to learn from Don and how to take care of yourself and your loved ones. I am eternally grateful to Don for this knowledge."

- Samantha Sargent

" DO IT if you want to live a long, healthy life!"

- Rachel Stevenson

"Go to Basecamp and you'll experience unparalleled wisdom, compassion, humour & courage."

- Ellen Zink

"Basecamp will save your life, your soul and truthfully educate you."

- Kylie Davies

About Basecamp for Health

Basecamp For Health is your exclusive opportunity to spend 3 FULL DAYS with the “Wholefood Medicine Man”, Don Tolman, and his amazing support team.

This program exposes the pitfalls of today’s “health care” system and it’s ‘cut, burn and poison’ approach and is designed to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to get on the path to Self Care for living a healthy, happy, disease-free life!

Here’s what you’ll discover and learn at Basecamp For Health:

  • Health protocols and your questions answered by Don Tolman;
  • The forgotten Alchemy of nature and how it relates to your health and wellbeing;
  • Why knowledge is your greatest insurance against falling into the canyon of scientific misinformation;
  • Why your mindset and belief systems ultimately hold the key to your emotional and physical health;
  • The top 13 foods that heal and restore health;
  • The 7 Body Systems, Da Vincian Principles of 7 and Epicures;
  • A deeper understanding of how the body creates Cancer and Dis-ease;
  • Identifying toxicity in foods and personal care items;
  • The power of vibrational medicine for mental, emotional and physical healing;
  • How to hand craft whole food recipes and personal care products at home with ease;
  • The 13 Elevations and how to enhance your intimate relationships.

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